Generic Synfig Intro

Nothing special really, i made this while in the work, it’s a generic intro animation, i’ve seen lots of works around youtube but rarely some of them are pieces we can use as generic elements, also i made some experiments with the metaballs and they have prove to be very usefull indeed, i made another two animation i couldn’t render using metaballs as living ink and a rotating field in which the ilumination (provided by the metaballs as ‘bright’ composition) looks really interesting, i’m having some hours free so i would like to upload those files soon. greetings! (29 KB)

Please, post explicitly the sources under a license (i.e. GPL or CC by SA) to allow others reuse it on its animations.
Great intro!

I thought on make them GPL, since i’m making the file available as an example or template for introductions i don’t really see at all why i should use a license, it’s just ‘free as in free’, anyway if it’s neccesary i’ll re-specify the kind of license.

Well, release to public domain is also good enough :wink:

Looks very good! Very useful for Synfig demo reel I’d imagine.

However I feel it’s way to long, idents or bumpers like this should be under 10 seconds to be useful (rather closer to 5), the shorter the better.