Hi there! I’m looking forward to seeing what Synfig Animation Studio can do! However, when I tried to run it, a DOS prompt popped up that read the following two error messages:

Cannot open pixbuf leader module file ‘C:\Program Files\Synfig\etc\gtk-2.0\gdk-pixbuf.leaders’: No such file or directory

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

I watched the tutorial on YouTube by pixelgeek and installed the four packages in the order shown and I installed gtk and gtkmm in the recommended default directory ‘C:\GTK’. I’m not sure what else I need to do. Thanks for your help.

So the first question I have to ask is - do you have a file named
C:\Program Files\Synfig\etc\gtk-2.0\gdk-pixbuf.leaders ?

You should have.

If not which versions of GTK & GTKmm did you install?


Yes, I do. It is located in C:\GTK\etc\gtk-2.0\ directory. I’m using Windows XP by the way.

Well, that’s good. That’s where it should be. The question is - “why is it looking in c:\program files\synfig\etc…?”

Can you cut and paste your PATH environment variable here?

Also, do you have any dlls in the c:\program files\synfig\bin dir beginning with “libg…”? There should only be 6 dlls there (2 starting libsynfig, 2 starting libIlm, 1 starting libHalf, the last starting libIex.)


Well, good news! The software is running fine now. The only condition I changed when I reinstalled the application was that I decided to run the setup files from a secondary hard drive, instead of the main drive the application was being installed on. I’m not sure why this helped, but I’m just happy to have Synfig running like it’s supposed to. Now, if there were only downloadable PDFs of the manual and the other documentation, I would be in heaven. Oh well. Thanks for everything, Chris.

  • Damian :smiley: