Gallery Submissions issue

Looks like a lot of folks seem to be complaining that their animation submissions to our gallery hasn’t been looked into. If that’s true, then that’s a serious issue because we might be creating a bit of stress on our goal of expanding our community (and thus development support of Synfig).

So what’s going on?

In that way (promotion)…

I’ll see that there is a official Youtube channel of Synfig ( I want to propose the creation of a list of reproduction in that channel with shorts made with Synfig (or partially).

The good of the list of reproduction is that the video cannot be reupload; just put the link to the video.

I think that could be a good audience in that channel and people that ask for Synfig could be real use of the program.

And, of course, for the animators could be a good promotion.

I’m actually more concerned about potentially alienating our users, especially those who aren’t on the forums (which are HIGHER in numbers than those who actually are). Check the comment here: … ndidate-2/

I understand that we don’t need to stroke everyone’s ego, but maintaining a healthy social balance with our users is crucial for the tool’s own existence.

Yes, I have received all submissions, but haven’t had time to put them in the gallery. Sorry, my time is limited and I am stressed with other tasks of higher priority. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s good idea.

I think you dramatizing situation too much here. :slight_smile:

BTW, sorry I still didn’t replied at your comments about Remake - just haven’t time for that.

In case of the limited manpower here I always balancing between “reply to everyone” status and “doing the actual things done”. I hope you understand what I mean. :slight_smile:

Can someone else help with this lower priority task then?

Zelgadis, I totally understand! And I appreciate all the time and effort you’re putting into all of this to make things possible.

However, do note that I’m not being over-dramatic here. Synfig is still not “sufficiently friendly” for new users (just like Blender, mind you), nor is it a complete Flash / ToonBoom alternative package just “yet” (but we’ll get there). Most users who try Synfig usually do it out of sheer exploration and curiosity, not just need, and when they put some effort into learning the tool they hope their efforts somehow pay off (a reward system). These rewards could be anything, but for some users it’s the “gallery” and “contribution / forums” here. Now, a lot of people don’t participate in the forums, but these unknown people are still pretty dedicated and if we tap into these connections we can have a flood of support instantly.

I do understand that you’re probably not in the position to find time for lower priority tasks like these, so I encourage you to delegate these tasks to someone you trust. Maybe some chosen members of the community who can take turns to accept / respond, or perhaps even go another level to expand the community in general. Maybe we could have a “task list” for some senior community members can assign themselves to it and complete it, while you and the other developers aren’t disturbed from the core goals.

Just a thought. Synfig is an opensource project, but that doesn’t mean that only developers can help contribute to its growth. We could also help out with art (such as some Youtube viewers mention that we have extremely few skilled animators using this tool to push the limits of it), community, documentations, and what have you. Basically, a means to “connect” with the wider world out there.

We are always open to accept help here. If anyone would like to step in and give us a hand, this will be much appreciated. The requirements for candidate: to be trusted and responsible community member, with a good art taste (preferrably demonstrated by his own work(s) ).