Fundraising emergency!

Please read, share and if you can, contribute. Campaign is about to expire! … ig-project


Did my minor contribution as well, and good luck !

Wish you all enjoy synfiging, and a great New Year filled with happiness and success!

I tried to transfer $10 but got this error(using Credit card method) but 1$ deducted from my card without stating any reason
The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different debit or credit card number.

That’s my card & a valid one.

Before that I tried Paypal method(first time), unfortunately the account needs to be verified. After submitted the Verify button only I saw the note there that they takes min. 4-5 days for verification process. For verification process, I spent around 2$.

Now I don’t know what to do, as this thread title…? My closer thought is synfig course.

I’m not sure about use of credit cards. Maybe it depends on the bank vs Indiegogo vs country relationships. PayPal account requires a few days of verification and same here, about one euro cost for verification. In fact, the euro or dollar will be later in your verified account, but they need to discount it from the card/bank account before proceed with the account verification.

Thanks anyway and keep the paypal details for the next time.

I’m waiting for Indiegogo’s reply, lets see.