Frustrated with tutorials not working

It’s a tutorial! What does that mean…? Follow the instructions, do not deviate.
And that’s what I do in order to try and learn a new Synfig skill.

Following YOW Khemardi #118 - Fixed Switch Controller, it makes sense to watch and to understand, however…
when I follow it and complete the tutorial, I give it a try…and what happens?

When my switch shape (knob - a circle region) that I just finished connecting to my shapes folder (both are integer) is moved, there is a spline outline that moves along the path, but not the knob…which is a region only! Where did this outline come from? It’s not listed in my shapes list? Why is this “ghost” spline outline moving and not my circle. And my library variable is not changing.

Can someone explain? And please don’t send me to another video to follow. I would like an explanation.

Thanks in advance.

And when am I going to be able to attach images to help explain my situation?

Edit BobSynfig: Added the link to the video for faster reference :wink:

I’ll try to outline his tutorial here. Tell me when your version doesn’t work equal.

  1. Draw your knob (He made a pink circle - region layer)
  2. Draw the knob path with a spline (he made one with 2 points - region layer)
  3. (He enclosed the spline in a new group)
  4. Select both the knob and the path (he did it via Layers panel)
  5. Select the knob origin handle only, i.e. the green dot (he did it by left-clicking on the origin handle)
  6. Right-click on the path and select Link To Spline
  7. He hid the path via Layers Panel. You could even delete it/its group - it isn’t necessary anymore

At this point you have the circle origin constrained to the path you defined.
Is it working until now?

Some other help:

Maybe you could upload your file of test…
We could see where is the potential miss :wink:

I would have liked to share my file for someone to look over, however I am not sure how to attach a file or a screen shot. Would that be an HTML type link or href?

As stated in the text editor:
Type here. Use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML to format. Drag or paste images.
You also have an icon of upload on the left of the smiley

layer switch.sifz (3.2 KB)
I have attached the file that is misbehaving. Again, the question is:
When I try to move the knob, why does only the outline move and not the region. Especially when there are no outlines in my project.