Front Walking Cycle

Damn!!! it was really hard for me because i never tried a walking animation cycle from the front view, i think is not bad at all, but have that little feeling of missing something.

maybe i’ll go for something bigger and make a longer animation in the near future, gifs are cool, but the real deal are long animations.

Wow,great job.

maybe the head should move up and down a little bit while walking.

take a look at

it says error 404 =(, and yeah, that must be, i’ll add some movement to the head in that way

This is the right link: … ont%29.gif

good work anyway!

great!, taking note :smiley:

(Original link fixed)

Wow! :open_mouth:
mola. :smiley:

Nice work. An evil Power Puf Girl, lol.

it’s indeed a robot from the actual serie

i just made it a little more… interesting