Freedom of Information site animation

Hi, I’m new here. This is my first animation with Synfig (in German, sorry!)
Actually I’m not particularly experienced with animation at all, I normally make web videos & documentary.
I will be open sourcing the files so that other FOI websites can adapt the animation and create local versions, but first I need to tidy up my messy project :slight_smile:

I kind of made up my workflow as I went along - illustrating in Inkscape, exporting as .sif, animating, exporting pngs, editing in Kdenlive…
I ended up either working on many different synfig projects and getting lost, or putting way too much in one giant multi-scene timeline and tripping myself up…

obviously this should have been done at the START of my project, but is there a resource where I can learn about optomising my workflow/organising my projects?

also, there are many other FOI sites out there which could use an animation, so I’d like to see this project translated, reused, remixed and improved. Does anyone have experience with open sourcing and version controlling synfig animations? anything I should know?

Thanks to the devs for such a wonderful tool!

Nice work. I like the part where the desks rotate.

Wow! You really did a great job

thanks! there are of course many little fixes I would like to make and a whole lot of improvement to the sound etc, but I had to say ‘ok, it’s done’ at some stage… hopefully I will get a chance to tidy things up when doing other international versions.

Really great film! Good animation and storytelling.