frame by frame animation function?

have contact with Synfig some time, feeling it in graphics, animation and slicing deformation animation and special effects are indeed very powerful, has been fully capable of commercial animation production. But there are many places to use when there frame by frame animation still need to participate, do not know Synfig is not to provide this function? How to achieve it?

Super quick recipe:
Constant interpolation + Animation of canvas parameter of Paste Canvas Layer + Onionskin + Keyframes

Thank you for your reply, I just made a test clip, made up the project file, please Genete Help Search what method is correct, once again thank you!
byzhen.sifz (2.42 KB)

Hello, I know this topic is from 2007 or something, but I was wondering if you could go more in to detail.
I am a total noob with synfig, and I am trying to figure out how to do frame by frame and I don’t know what “Animation of canvas parameter of Paste Canvas Layer” means. Anyways, I’m just wondering how I can import a picture, trace it with vector tools, color it in, and have a completely different picture on another frame. Also, how to paste objects in like several types of mouths to lip sync and stuff. Could you dumb it down for me? Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is a tutorial that explains how to proceed to create some sort of library. Frame by frame is the same but usually the intention is not to have a library but a fbf animation.

In the video you can see that it is needed to encapsulate the Paste Canvas layer that is animating its canvas parameter to see the canvas waypoints on the timeline.

For example:
LibHeads <<< this shows the Heads’s canvas parameter waypoints.
-Heads <<< this has the animated canvas parameter
-frontHead <<< this has the canvas parameter exported
-45Head <<< this has the canvas parameter exported

I hope it helps

Thanks, that really helps. Fast response too :mrgreen: