Format for importing switch-layer animation?

Hi. I have a switch-layer in my animation character that has three different sub-layers.

And I am working on a command-line script (a script that runs OUTSIDE of Synfig) that determines at exactly what points I need to switch the active sub-layer of the switch-layer, and what to switch it to at each point.

Here’s the problem - if I have to MANUALLY enter at EACH point what the script tells me to switch it to, that coould be EXTREMELY tedious - as for even a relatively short animation, that could be over a HUNDRED switches.

So - is there any format that is documented anywhere that I could design this script to format the output accordingly — so that instead of having to manually enter each change, I can just in one fell swoop apply that switch-layer?

I do know a way that I can have script generate an XML snippet (a series of WAYPOINT tags to be specific) that I could copy-paste into my animation file at the right point (a point that I can create and pinpoint with the miminum of hand-made entries into that switch-layer). I’ve done some preliminary tests of this method, and it seems that it will work with the current version of Synfig Studio. (I haven’t attempted to actually RENDER the test results - but it worked perfectly in frame-by-frame preview.) My concern, however, is that if I use such an unorthodox approach, I can run into problems when a new version of Synfig Studio comes out.

Any suggestions?


By the way - my use of caps in this post is because I get all these crazy error-messages every time I attempt to use BBCode in a post here.