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I’m very new to synfig so forgive me please If I’m asking a tired question but I’ve looked on the wiki, in the manual and searched the forums to no avail before I ended up posting this question here

What fonts are available to synfig? Does it not support using any TTF installed on the system yet? If not, what are the valid values (Families) for the Font Tools ‘Family’ option?

There doesn’t seem to be any documentation for the Text tool.

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Hi danboid,
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You can use whatever font you like in Synfig. The font family parameter is a bit buggy so it needs a file chooser button and the needed code to manage it. Meanwhile you can:

  1. Place a copy of the TTF file in the same folder of your animation folder. Then place the name of the TTF file on the Font Family parameter (without the extension of the file).
  2. In the Font Family parameter write the full path to the font file you want to use (again the extension is not needed).


Thanks for explaining that Genete!

I just discovered that there is a Text Tool page on the wiki but it doesn’t tell you any of what you just said, so it should be added to this page:

The reason why I didn’t think there was any documentation on the text tool is because it isn’t listed on this page:

You’ve got to click on ‘The Toolbox’ on that page, which brings you to this page:

Which is where I discovered the link to the text tool info.

I fixed this on the Wiki.


If your version of synfig was built with fontconfig support you should be able to type in the font family name and it will find the right font file, “Arial” for example. As well, you can type in the file name “Arial.ttf” and it will search in the current directory and some system dirs for it.