Font Family seemingly not working for all fonts

Hi. I have an issue with changing the font of a line of text. I searched online and I found that you need the font file in the same directory as your project. You then need to change the family font to the name of the ttf file, if I understand correctly.

For me it doesn’t always work.
It doesn’t work for the font I want to use, but it works for some others.
I tried using the name of the file, its name with the extension, its name in the properties’ details. I used spaces, underscore, or -, when seemingly needed. Nothing works.

I even found another font file that didn’t even need its full name.

I have no idea what I’m missing. Can anyone help me?

Hello Dano and welcome!

The Font Family parameter needs to be the exact name of the ttf file with the file extension included for Synfig to select the custom font (e.g. Blantick Script.ttf).

Some thoughts:

  • Try restarting Synfig. Adding or modifying a ttf file while Synfig is open could potentially lead to some funny business.
  • Does your font have the same name as an existing font? You may be seeing bult-in fonts.