Following Mac OS Monterey update, Synfig crashes continually

Following a Mac OS Monterey update (to 12.1), Synfig (1.4.2-20210728) crashes continually when attempting to edit (i.e. move along the timeline) keyframes. Any thoughts or workarounds?

Hi and welcome here!
My favourite workaround is to use a Virtualbox with a Linux guest :wink:

Thanks, I will investigate.

BTW, what is the advantage of using a Virtualbox?

The advantage is that Synfig is built primarily for Linux (GTK etc)
If you use a Mac native version, you could have breaking changes in libs versions.
With a Linux guest (let’s say a Ubuntu LTS for example), you could be sure that the Synfig .appimage would work as expected.
And of course you could run other Linux apps as well :wink:

Gotcha, thanks for the insight!