following a spline problem

hello everybody,
i have a problem with a circle which should follow a bline, as you can see in the video the circle does not always follow the position of the outline. it still follows the same form as the outline, but on a wrong position. is this expected to be like that in synfig? and if so, why?
thanks a lot for answering

The link to spline feature doesn’t take account the ‘origin’ or offset of the spline. When constructing the spline to follow be sure to place it’s origin at 0,0 and if you need to move the spline, move its spline points, not the origin.
Maybe this can be changed in the future if someone codes it.

ok thank you

Hey, sorry for digging up this 2 year old thread but I just ran into this problem and it took me days to figure out the cause of this… are there any plans on correcting this in the near future? Or is there some workaround for this today? My problem is, I want to use a circle as the spline to be followed, and I the only position this works is when I put the circle at 0,0.

Please open this example file and:
Click on arrow, then drag the origin of the group. It follows the circle spline
Move the circle’s origin. The arrow follows.

Study carefully the file, all the parameters and the exported value nodes and connected ones.

If you still not understanding what’s going on. Please ask here.
follow-spline.sifz (3 KB)

Hi Genete,

thanks, I will study it! Good to see there is a way :slight_smile: