Following a BLine

Hi All,

I’ve got an issue that I’m not sure how to work around. What I’ve got is an example similar to that shown in the tutorial (except the rotation layer). The issue is, I can’t control the direction that the object moves in along the Bline. For example, assume the points a,b and c are on a looped Bline:


and I’ve placed my object on points a,b and c in 3 seperate key frames.

The object goes from a->b in the right direction (anti-clockwise), but from b->c it goes in the clockwise direction (i.e. past a).

Is there anything I’m overlooking?


Please share the sample file to look it more closely.

It would help if you can attach your sifz file for us to analyse

Attached for your reference.
following_bline.sifz (3.03 KB)

Hi thanks for the prompt reply.

I’ve attached the sifz. The key frames of interest are @ 3s, 5s 8f and 7s 16f.

I want the star to have done a full rotation along the BLine by the 7s 16f keyframe.

There are more stars and paths, but I’ve turned them off for this exercise. There are sifz files, this references. If you need them I’ll upload them as well.

Thanks I’ll have a look at that.

interlude.sifz (33.2 KB)

missing backgournd.sifz.

I’ve tried to repair the file by removing the external files references but there are 123 occurrences of them on the document. Please provide external files:
Link to eye.sifz

To allow us open it.


Take 2.

This is a cut down version of the file.

I manually created a waypoint at ~6 13f to try to force the star to move in the anti-clockwise direction.

bline-issue.sifz (1.97 KB)

Follow a BLine is designed to go from one point to other in the shortest path when you place the object with the mouse in a straight way. To force one direction you have to manually set the Amount Value of the Link To Bline conversion type on the Origin of the moving object to the proper value of the turns. Also you need to check the loop option in the BLine Link which is already set in your file.

bline-issue2.sifz (1.93 KB)

It took me a while to get it, but now I think I understand. Thanks