follow a spline problem in development version

Seems the link to spline feature works oddly in development version of synfig.
First of all, it doesn’t seem to work for groups anymore. if linking a group to a spline the group movement will not be costrained to target spline.
If I try to link a simple shape like a circle to a spline (not using groups), it apparently works, having the circle following target spline as I drag it around, but whenever I release it I get an error like the one shown in attached image. (something related to circle origin that I do not really understand)
any tip or help?
thanks in advance to everyone.


Yes, it’s a bug, and We discussed about that in the forum. When adding new features part of the code was break, affecting that feature.

The “work-around” is keep using the 0.64 version. :frowning:

It’s also important to fill it as a bug or find if there is a request already. I would do it but I have troubles with my username

The page is here:

If I have a project that uses bones (can’t load in 0.64) is there another work around?

I have the same question, is there a way to do it using export/convert/link instead?

Unfortunately there is not workaround except make the movement manually (frame by frame)
Wait for the next release or work with the latest development version where it is corrected.

this bug is already in the development version :slight_smile:

It’s easy enough to do it manually, but when I am lazy and I have to let some shape follow a spline then I do that in the stable version, save it, load it back up in the dev version and add all the stuff to the animation that is coherent with the dev version (in my case usually the use of the group transformation widget). Anyway, that is how I work around it, but the bug is indeed still present.

can anyone provide us with new packages for the latest development version, actually that bug frustrates me a lot :frowning:

I always end up breaking my system every time I try to build something from source.

Has a development version come out yet with this bug fixed? I too would love to have a recent version with the feature in working condition.

The current development version has this bug fixed. The problem is that there are still troubles to provide packages for all platforms due to compiling, linking issues with all the newest included libraries, specially there are troubles with gtk3 in Linux IIRC.