Flipping Letters

I’m not sure if this qualifies for a ‘bug’ - and it’s for .64 so the issue might be fixed. But since I can’t seem to run higher versions at the moment I thought I would check.

I was trying to Flip a Letter - eg L - make it show up backwards - so |_ would show _| (not shapes though, just using the letters/type tool).

What I was trying to acheive over all is a ‘rotating’ effect and while the stretch layer will work via the x axis (moving the letter up a bit but that’s workable - when I try to stretch over the y axis the letter just moves to one side or the other (depending on the amount - or + stretch chosen).

The stretch layer works fine with shapes - things ‘flip’ beautifully so I was wondering if there was a bug in this relating to using text.

Or if anyone has any ideas how to rotate a letter for a kinetic typography effect - how would that be done? (maybe skew?)

Thank you.

Is it look like this ?


The first thing that went into my mind when i see your post is to use this:

Simply create a text, group it, then play with the transformation parameter for more precise mirroring (bottom left box).
You can find more transformation properties by clicking the down arrow at the right of it.

I was tinkering with the scale parameter for the text flip effect (the “-40px”).
Same goes for the rotation. It was the angle parameter. Full rotation (360) on keyframe 3, keep the first one at zero, no angle waypoint on second keyframe :slight_smile:

Here’s the .sifz file if you need a closer look
TextFlip.sifz (1.72 KB)

BUT if you still want to use the stretch layer, make sure you put it above the text layer
That’s because distortions layers (plus some other layers) only affect layers under it and as long as both still in one group (just like the blend methods).
I know it because i just tested the way you did it as well (and it works just fine).

I prefer the first one because it saves much more time, but the choice is yours to take :slight_smile:
Also you might want to set the text parameters first before doing any of these steps.

Oh, and i’m using Synfig v1.0.2 if you were wondering :wink: .

Like “shrink to grow” ? I probably need more explanation about that. Sorry :cry: