First work using Synfig (1st animation) - What do you think ? :)

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are doing well in those “particular” times. :mask:

Since I was a kid I wanted to animate but life took me on other roads… Anyaways I decided to use the quarantine to learn basic animation and there is the result (a french childish story about birds):

So what do you think ? Espacially regarding the deforming skeletton… is there any best practice to make it better looking ?

I would take any recommendation you would have !

Thanks in advance for your help ! :slight_smile:


Very sweet! I like the art style, but it kind of feels incomplete without the narration…

Bones and Curve Warp in Synfig are both give pretty average results in my opinion (bones are also buggy). If you don’t rely on raster work, I’d go with clean morphing.

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Très bon début (genre, tu n’as jamais fait d’animation avant?)
Thème original, couleurs et musiques douces, graphismes trognons :slight_smile:

Prévoie juste une version avec textes en anglais pour que “les autres” puissent comprendre
(les sous-titres sont possibles mais c’est plus pour une version orale)

Vivement la suite! :duck: :heart: :swan:

P.S.: N’oublie pas d’activer les commentaires sur Youtube si tu veux des retours!

Thanks for the feedback @Svarov !! :+1:

I’ll try to make an english version later (or at least subtitle).

When you said “clean morphing”: it means good separate png files for a caracter right (arms, legs, etc…) ? :relaxed:

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Merci @BobSynfig !! Et oui première animation, pour cela que ca reste très basique ! Mais ca fait un bout de temps que je cherchais un soft me permettant l’animation vectorielle jusqu’à ce que je me décide de taper “open source vector animation” sur google haha :grin:

Youtube a bloqué les commentaires car contenu destiné aux enfants… [EDIT] j’ai réussi à le changer, les commentaires sont dispos MERCI

Merci en tout cas pour ton retour: un bon moyen d’occuper mon confinement !! :mask: :relaxed:

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No, that’s called cut-out animation. It can be pretty cool too, although it’s a bit limited in expression. Check it out here:

By “clean morphing” I literally meant morphing technique :slight_smile:
You construct all your work in Synfig using outlines and regions and then you morph/change it into the needed shape. Take a look at this link: