First Post: Synfig question

So fa, so good. I was recently able to compile a working version on Ubuntu Studio 8.10. Now, before I really get started, a couple questions:

Does Synfig support scripting? and
Are there plans in the works for browser plugins that will enable proprietary synfig content embedded in web pages?

Thank you!


Hi Huaidan, welcome to Synfig :slight_smile:
No, there is no scripting interface for the moment in Synfig. There are several convert types for the parameters of the layers that allows produce powerful parametric animations. See the Particles templates I did some time ago.

Regarding to a plugging for the browser to interpret native synfig files, no, there is not plan for that at the moment. Consider that we are joining all our efforts to the most important missing features in Synfig and our resources are quite limited.
Youโ€™re invited to join us to contribute to improve Synfig in any of its aspects. See my signature :slight_smile: