First Demo of Our Company

Would you like to see Synfig being used commercially? Well, there you go! We just finished this demo, with the help of Zelgadis’ “Remake” utility.

You must have put an enormous amount of work into this. Well done! Great job.
(And now I know all about day and night :wink: )

Very well done. Congratulations!

It should be included in the gallery, I think.

Fantastic work!

PD: I miss a music sounding in background. :wink:

Thanks everyone!

@darkspace65: I’m not sure if I said this before, but with your avatar, and the way you say “Greetz”, I sometimes feel I’m talking to an actual leprechaun. I’m so amused! :laughing:

@Fenix: Yeah, I don’t think we intend to have music in the background for these videos. They may be too distracting for children who want to focus on learning alone. But we might think of something as we gain momentum. 8)

You’ve got my approval! :mrgreen:

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