First animation in Synfig

Hi everybody!

First, excuse my poor english… i’m from Spain… and I have a bit forgotten english talk.

I’m taking an eye to Synfig, so I did the “Hello world” (a bouncing ball :laughing: ). It has a lot of timing mistakes, but I was trying to see Synfig interface, at the moment Synfig wins me by points… :blush:

I’m using 0.61.08 from Debian Lenny. Rotate, scale and perspective work? I’d try to do some of that operation (bitmat and vector draw) and didn’t work for me. I’ve looking for in bugtrack and saw anything about that, but it’s very strange.

Anyway, excuse me for crossing that problem in this group. :wink:

I hope Synfig has a real future (GNU/Linux animation need it… :slight_smile:).

See you!

Welcome! You’ve made nice start!

We’d love to have you join us on IRC:

Cool ball bounce! :slight_smile:

For the usage problems I suggest to start a new thread in the proper forum and include the following information:

  1. Linux version and Synfig Version.
  2. Exact procedure (clicks and so on) to reproduce the “non working” tools.

Regarding the English, don’t worry! I’m Spanish too and my English is weak from time to time, so if you’re in a hurry just ping me in the IRC and I’ll help you in Spanish. Usually I prefer to speak English to let other users enjoy the solution of a problem.

Welcome to Synfig world! :smiley: