First animation done and uploaded !

I just finished and uploaded my first animation.
I hope you like it, even though it’s very simple :slight_smile:

Well done, Marcher97. That little chicken has a lot of possibilities.

The first animation is always the hardest. :slight_smile:

Lol nice work. The chicken facial expression is priceless! It’s just something about it that i really like.

Marcher97> Please to see you have resolve your rendering issue… Can you update the post about adding something like “[Solved]” in the first title post (and even better fews lines about what where disturbing you / how you solve…)

Your video is in now “low resolution” on yt. Are you now able to render to the resolution you want ?

Thanks for your positive comments !

It should be done know, I hope that it was the way you meant. :slight_smile: