Firework Animation.

can somebody give me some tips on what is the best way to animate a firework explosion or at least make a effect that look similar? Thank You :smiley:

There’s a particle template for Synfig. I’ve never used it, but seems it can do the job.
Link to the wiki:
You can try experimenting with it.

The idea looks pretty interesting to me, so I will possibly make an example later.

So, I am returning to the animating stuff and first of all, I want to help PublicEnemy #3 with firework (actually, this idea is interesting to me as well).

But appears it’s pretty hard to do, because particle template is somewhat limited. You can only base your animation on it. Copying particle layer to your existing project doesn’t help as well as importing it. And even if you based your animation on the template you can’t move the particle layer in other groups.

To understand what I want to do, see attachment with explanations.
How can I achieve it? I tried digging into the guts of particle template (mainly transform layer), but it’s too complex for me to understand how it works…

Off topic: Why all images I uploaded here is automatically sized down? E.g. I upload png 800x600 and it becomes 600x450. Are there some limits?

Thank you for your help! I have actually never worked with particles before. I am working on a animated series for youtube so im not doing much detail for now. I will first see how the show get received and if people like it, i will improve the animation. The first episode i am working on actually needs fireworks so i am trying to figure something out.

one particle template + explosion03.sifz (from this post) has “particle” is an interesting combination (but the result is’nt so fine has svarov’s one!)… will try to post a howto


So, with the help of black magic I was able to create a decent firework example.

You can check it out here: Particle exporter and firework example