fireflies on big render

Hi, I’ve got a scene with lots of distort layers. When I try to do a large render (1920×1080), synfig breaks it up into two blocks (781 and 299 pixels tall…) - The problem is, it gets messy where the distort layer meets the edge of the block
(This also happens around the edge of the picture, but I can live with that… I guess there’s a problem with the way distort layers are rendered)

So is there any way to get synfig to not break the image up into blocks?

It is a known bug and for some kind of layers (curve gradient is one of them) doesn’t render well when being distorted. Some layers (like gradients) can’t define properly its boundaries because they are kind of infinite or it is not coded how to obtain its boundaries (it is either infinite or not infinite depending on the parameters values).
When you’re calculating the distortion of something that is not defined its edges you need to lookup outside the render rectangle to obtain the distortion. Tile render has the same problem than one frame render. Tile render is automatically triggered when the image size is so big that the buffer memory can be overflown.

I haven’t dig the problem so far than what I’ve tell here so I can’t conclude if it is a problem with solution or not.


so there’s no quick easy way to increase the memory buffer, or disable the tiling?

I’ll render it at 1366×768 and scale it up (a bit of blur won’t matter for this)

I don’t have immediate solution for this. :frowning: