Finished animation!

Hi folks!
Our first Synfig short movie is ready!!
The link:

We ( Ricardo Graça, Henrique Barone, Leandro Ferra ) would like to thanks all the community and Genete for the support, tips and tricks!

More news with Genete!

Thank you all!

Very good animation!
Really Synfig needs a bone and a lip sync systems! But even without those features you’ve done a great animation!

Patience! :wink:

Bravo, That’s a very good animation. Congratulations.

Good stuff, even though I do not speak Portuguese.

My only grip is sound quality and lipsynch being off a bit.

Good work


Hi folks!
Thanks for the replies. Genete, no problem about a bone system, it would help, but we can work without it. About lip sync, answering GCharb, we tried a lot a nice solution, but our work was a kind of “hard”!!

The process:
1- We recorded all audios in a studio
2- then we split parts inside Audacity
3- we noted, using gedit, the time of all words ( we needed to listen all of then and note ) in seconds and frames
4- open Synfig and try to sync the mouths ( using libraries ) with the times noted in gedit

We had tryed before: Papagaio and others open source solutions, but the best way was that. The next one that we are restarting tomorrow ( today a rest !), we are going to try other solutions for that.

We are going to try doing a better one now, fixing our own limitations. This new short movie will be more refined one. Maybe a 3, 4 month work. let’s see!

That is way cool, I am very new to Synfig, no real idea of it’s animation capabilities, so I went with my own feelings on that!

I agree that bones are not an absolute must, I dunno if Synfig has a way to switch layers, if not, I would say this is a more usefull and needed tool.

Cant wait to see your next work!


Here is a little test I made with Homer Simpsons switching layers on the timeline in another software, gives you an idea of what I want to say!

This has one drawing for the head and 5 mouth shapes, you put the shape in a switch layer then select shapes on the timeline, adding keys and all.

Have not seen it in Synfig yet, very usefull.


Hi GCharb!

Well, Synfig works similar with “Encapsulated” objects and libraries. As Anime studio does with the layer called “Switch” and toom boom as sprites or flash as movie clips.

Synfig is more similar to anime studio in some aspects, but it has it’s own way of work and concepts. I prefer Synfig.
You can watch a video I’ve made about libraries inside Synfig; the link:

I did not created the “wheel”, I’ve just follow posts and helps by Genete, PixelGeek, Zelgadis, and many others; so they are part of everything that I write or record about Synfig. The credits are the community.

So, Watch the video, download a pdf file I have made in english; try to use Synfig, it’s a powerfull software. It has some limitations? Yes, but it needs us to grow up! It needs to be used with a professional focus. And that’s what we are trying to do here in Quadro-Chave. We decided to use only open source and other liscences not proprietary. We use linux here, so Synfig is our tool for animation and composing. If I tried it, everyone can try it. " The fear is the mind killer" - Frank Herbert - From the Novell “Dune”.

Good luck there.