Fill foregrounds/background problems

Hi guys,
I have just joined today and started using synfig.

My problem is whenever i click on the palette the background colour changes instead of the foreground. I can change the object’s colour by swapping the background and foreground after I change the background colour and then using the fill tool or use parameters and apply background colour; however, I want to know how I can make it that whenever I click on the palette, the foreground changes instead of the background.

I don’t want to go through the background to just change the foreground.

First of all welcome to Synfig :smiley:
By your comments (foreground, background) I suspect that you still using Synfig 0.61.09. Please update to 0.62.00.
Nevertheless the palette panel behavior in 0.61.09 still being the same than the one of 0.62.00. The modified color when you click on the palette with the left button is the foreground (now called outline color). To response differently it has to be coded and nobody has review the code of the palette since long time ago. :frowning:

There is a small workaround: When you create an object and it uses the non desired color do right click on the color parameter and select “Apply Fill color” or “Apply Outline color” depending on your preferences.


Thanks Genete, I’ll just do that workaround. I was using 0.62.00 and not 0.61.09 so forgive me if I use the terms background and foregrounds instead of fill and outline. When I click on the palette the outline colour box does change but not the fill colour box.

It is weird because when I was watching a tutorial in youtube, the guy’s outline and palette was working, and he didn’t have to do any workaround. He clicks on a colour and when he created an object/shape it was able to take that colour. It was his outline box that was changing colour and not his fill. Is something wrong with my outline/fill box instead because my objects/shapes do not take on the colour of the outline box? Maybe it was a much earlier version? I could be wrong. … re=related
you should start at 6:00 and onwards

Earlier versions behave differently. But the problem is not the pallete but the default color that the layer uses.
For coherence we decided that most of the layers would use the fill color if there is not outline implied.
When the palette were fixed all this mess would be coherent completely.

Ok thanks again Genete! :smiley: