Fell like a dumb -_-

im have manual of synfig but im cant make animation i cant make anything im dont have inline layer and my animation is static image can somebody help me :open_mouth:
im was read the whole manual
my version is :synfigstudio-0.64.1

Press the green standing man on the bottom right corner of the canvas window and be sure it turns to red before animate the shapes.


Here’s some youtube videos explaining basic animation:

The process usually is like:

  • Create some shapes
  • Place shapes at their initial locations
  • Add some keyframes at different points in timeline
  • Go into animate mode (the little green man button)
  • Modify object’s position/shape
  • Move to other point in time
  • Modify the object again
  • Repeat last three steps to build up the animation
  • Render/Preview animation

thank you for answers :wink: feel less dumber now