February '10 - A flapping flag

Wow - February already? Where is the year going so fast? Thanks to all of you that contributed icons last month. We’ll be wading through those, tweaking, updating and submitting them over the next few weeks.

This month’s challenge is to animate a flag flapping in the breeze. Simple, huh?


It is a bit mechanical but hey! it works! :wink:
flag.sifz (6.09 KB)

Only 3 keyframes? That’s well done!

¡Tremendo! :open_mouth:
Bravo :smiley:

Waaaw nice Synfig flag Genete !
A bit too much regular or mechanic as you said, but it’s already efficient.

We once again bow our heads for the master!

All hail Genete!


My entry, with a more simple approach…
flagbone01.sifz (27 KB)
flagSatrip01.avi.zip (355 KB)

Cool composition Animtim!
The skull is quite futuristic!

I like it, Animtim. :smiley:
Good work.

Here is my flag. It’s not so good as those of Genete or Animtim, but it’s that I can do. :slight_smile:
bandera.sifz (11.1 KB)

All good stuff! Not sure I’ll have time to play with this one, but want to. :smiley:


Outdated entries are always welcome! :wink:

hello !
Here is my flag
It is a Moroccan flag because my husband is Moroccan :smiley:

I do not attach the file because I made too many mistakes. I started to move the flag backwards, so I duplicated frames, but I can not erase the first. :confused:

Looks very good! I like the shadow effect.

With or without mistakes I’d love to see the file. :blush:

Congratulations, mad0. It’s very good.

Ok, here is the file, but I’m not proud at all - I’ve moved almost everything frame by frame
[edit] the animation is to 3s to 4s
drapeau.sifz (14.7 KB)

Very well done!
Interesting approaching to the problem!

J’aime bien cela, the flapping looks random, and the side near the mast moves smoothly while the free end is more whip like
I can’t look at how you did it cause I’m presently synfigless, but animating frame by frame is a valid approach (if you’ve got the time for it!)

Thank you Genete and saorsa :smiley:
Saorsa, I put an explanation here :
The file contains many mistakes, the explanation is clearer :wink:
The animation is only 1s long, 24 frames, so the work frame by frame is not really difficult :slight_smile:

Great entries so far this month! I love Animtim’s - I want to know what the backstory is there… how did the skull and cross bones flag end up in the desert?