features request : where to put them?

I’m updating (bits of) the website content and wanted to know the preferred way to have feature requests discussed:

currently we got
the FR forum - viewforum.php?f=14
the sf.net tracker - sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_i … tid=757419
the (empty) ideatorrent - sourceforge.net/apps/ideatorrent/synfig/
the various TODO files in the source code

the website “feature requests” link nowadays to the ideatorrent… and empty always looks bad if you want to give the image of an active community…

i want to suggest to either

  • drop the ideatorrent, discuss features in the forum and describe them in the tracker ones they are clear enough. or
  • promote the ideatorrent by relocating there a few ongoing feature discussions (this requires forum users to have a sf.net account I think)… progressively dropping this part of the forum, keeping the tracker for “technical feature tickets”.

I personally like the ideatorrent concept… but am afraid it could scare less “techies” users… to whom a forum may look more accessible.

Feel free to comment… we could run a poll after a week if you give more options.

The problem of feature request is not where are they listed but if the developer(s) do track them properly.
Ideatorrent is a good place when the amount of developers and users is big because it is used to select or promote a feature to be implemented when there are developers to do it.
Forum is good for discussion but bad for tracking and listing.
Wiki is good for develop a complex idea but it is not good for tracking (unless you write a request in a page and categorize it properly)
Sf tracker is the best way for me to keep straight feature requests.
For me the best procedure would be:
-Check the SF tracker to know if the feature has been already asked, if not create the entry.
-Use the forum to clarify or precise the request details, sharing the concept with others and polishing the ideas. Add links to the forum in the sf tracker.
-If there are users that would love to see some feature to be implemented before others, then use ideatorrent to promote them.

I would not drop any of them but would keep the SF tracking as the official one.

Hmmm… nevertheless still a bit confusing… isn’t it?
I guess we should put together some thoughts and then clearly post (sticky) to the respective places.
Just to guide the users a bit more… Agree?

Yes, right. The problem is that it each tracking system has its pros and cons. And I want to have all them! :wink:

understood, but we should at least tell people in the forum that this is the place for discussions and as soon as a discussion leads to a well defined (and kind of accepted) requirement it should be entered in the sf tracker to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

Also I’m note sure whether or not we really need the ideatorrent. We obviously haven’t used it so far.

I corrected synfig.org/en/support accordingly.

If this content and menu suit you tell me… for me to translate to FR too.

I wanted to add the RSS feed of the features request tracker as content to this page but found nothing similar in joomla… if you know how to do it I think it’d be nice.

It looks fine to me. I don’t understand the other request, though.

This “other part” of the request is about integrating in the website content (and more specifically the “support” page") some contents that show how dynamic the community and developers are… with no maintainance/update need. I thought about integrating a short list of the last 4-5 features requests that where discussed / added in the SF tracker because this info is readily available as a RSS feed (at bestofjoomla.com/component/o … Itemid,95/, though not the only one!).


Besides the issue of multiple places to store feature requests, there’s also the problem that not all of them are up-to-date. Can I go ahead and delete any already implemented features from the Wishlist page?

It is a wiki, isn’t it? :wink:

It is a wiki and any help appreciated… so, yes, nikitakit, go ahead and thanks in advance… :wink: