Feature request : moveable origin duck

I know, origin duck is moveable, My request is to move the origin duck, but let the other ducks stay as they are.

In many cases, I would like to move the origin duck of a layer, and don’t want to move the layer’s position in canvas, there is a workaround by moving other ducks instead, but I call it is a painful and labour workaround.

Yes! Very useful!

maybe another duck will born: pivot duck :mrgreen:

I don’t remember and don’t find it, but I swear I’ve been talking about that somewhere with someone :blush:

It is possible to add that feature by two ways:

  1. Modify the geometry and don’t touch the origin (shift geometry)
  2. Modify the geometry and touch the origin (shift origin)

In the first case the user should select only the geometry and possibly with a new tool or a key modifier move to other place relative to the origin.
In the second case the user selects the origin and moves it the same way. But then internally there are two transformations: one shifting the origin and other shifting the geometry to be in place to the new origin’s location.

The main problem is to handle animated value nodes. It is needed to touch the corresponding waypoints adding the shift value. Using a pivot (by a convert type) might lead to not possible reverse manipulation.

It one interesting feature that would help a lot to the animators.

Additionally there is the idea of linking geometry that doesn’t share the same origin (maybe called ‘hard link’). That, could be done using one intermediate value as you suggested (the vector between origins) but would need to solve the reverse manipulations first.