Eyo! New to this program, one question.

So, I want to be able to use Synfig a bit more like a video editing program of sorts. Like in Adobe or Macromedia flash, I want to be able to import a video, see it frame by frame, and add effects as needed (for example, a blur or something). But my question is how is the proper way of importing things like .gifs or AVI’s? How I do it is I right click outside the working area (or whatever you call the grey space around the transparent rectangle thing in the middle of the screen), go to file, then import, and get the video I want. But when I do that, I get an outline of the rectangle with green dots in the upper left hand corner and lower right hand corner, but I can’t see anything.

If a picture is needed, I would be more than happy to supply.

Video import support is limited to what ffmpeg can do. I think that it just imports avi format. Moving along the timeline with an imported avi is pretty lame (slow).

Animated gif import is not supported.

Image sequence import is well supported: wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Doc:How_Do_ … _Synfig.3F