External images


I need animate images. I have it in .jpg.

And I dont know how do it.

Were are some tutorial for it?

do u mean u got ur frames in some jpg files and need them to be played one after each one?
After Importing ur jpg files in synfig in canves file >import menu then by u can use Amount parameter to make one frame visible or invisible and make ur waypoint base on them. amount 0 means image invisible and 1 means image fully visible

I mean. When I use Synfig, I paint using the program, but I’m asking if I can paint using other program (Photoshop) and then animate the image whith Synfig.

Yes, it is possible. Just be sure that when you export the image from the raster editor you don’t export the background (so a transparent background is exported). Also you need to export the image to a format that supports transparency (png, tiff, etc). Jpeg doesn’t support transparency.

Once you have the images saved and imported to Synfig Studio (File->Import) you can play with them in several ways. The most complex one is shown in this tutorial:
Once imported the images in Synfig you cannot morph from one to other with interpolation, like you would do with the vector shapes you could draw inside Synfig Studio.
Hope that helps.
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oh. Thanks.