Exporting Canvas - the Group must be nested

Here is something I noticed today.

I can export groups that are nested, such as the Group called White in the example file, and then open the exported Canvas in the Canvas Browser with no errors.

However, if I try to export a group at the top level, such as the Group called Yellow everything is fine until I try and open the exported Canvas in the Canvas Browser panel.

At this point Synfig crashes with an error:

code: Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_store_get_value: assertion ‘VALID_ITER (iter, tree_store)’ failed
/bin/synfigstudio: line 9: 1662 Segmentation fault $PREFIX/bin/synfigstudio “$@”

Has anyone else noticed this? If other people encounter this I’ll file a bug.
export-canvas-demo.sif (8.06 KB)

With synfig 0.64.1 (ubuntu 10.4.4) i can export the white, yellow stars or the group and open all that from canvas panel without problems (save / close / open again … )

Are you using the dev version ?

Yes, I am. Thanks for trying using the release version - if someone can try this in the dev version I can see if this is a bug in there or something unique to me.

EDIT: I’ve noticed a few other bugs with exporting canvases in the development version.

The exported canvases do not take the parent canvas fps or canvas size into account and are always 24fps 480 x 270.
Once you close an exported canvas’s tab, you can’t reopen it again.
Resizing an exported canvas can cause Synfig to crash.

If these are being worked on I won’t bother filing a bug, but if the Ivan and Konstantin aren’t aware of them I’ll happily file them.

Hi Dave!

Even if they are aware or not, please open the tracker issue. It is always good to get trace of those fixes.

I’ve just filed a few bug reports, I hope they’ll be useful.