Export .xcf to .sifz

Hello… I’d like to animate on synfig by using my designs from gimp… I’ve gone through the instructions given on synfig wiki page and installed synfig plugins in gimp… but I don’t see the Synfig Studio .sifz format during export…
I have the recent version of python installed in my PC.
Is there any other way to animate .xcf files on synfig?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
( Tutorial: https://wiki.synfig.org/Doc:Gimp2synfig )

You must install the exporter scripts in a folder recognized by GIMP as a plugins folder.
You can in fact install it anywhere you want (in your profile or my documents for example) and then declare this folder in GIMP under


Restart GIMP if needed, then export your file with File/Export As…, replace the extension by sifz and the the export parameters window will appear :wink:

Gimp Profile: https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/GIMPProfile/