export scripts?

I haven’t downloaded this tool yet. Just trying to gather a little information.

I’m curious if there is an API associated with Synfig (much like Maya has an API). Something to use in order to get custom exported file formats.

Thanks for all the help. :slight_smile:

Nope. Pretty much all the outputs of Synfig are rendered bitmaps/movies formats.


will it export into a sprite sheet that can be used?

i’m trying to come up with a quick solution for 2D animation in a C++ library i’m writing. otherwise i’m going to have to make my own gui tool in C#, and that’ll delay that process.

Well, it can easily make one png per frame. Trying to get multiple frames into the same image would take some kludging. You could use the duplicate function and change the time offset for each duplicate. You’d have to adjust the origin for each image as well. So, not easily, but you could do it.

I remember that you can export to pdf format using magick++ target. Not tested by me though.
In each page there was a frame as the difference from the provious frame.