ETL won't work

I’ve install the most current version of ETL, but it still comes up with this error:
checking for ETL >= 0.04.12… configure: error: ** You need to install the ETL (version 0.04.12 or greater).

It is weird that ETL checks itw own presence when it is being installed. In fact this message comes from the configuration command of synfig.
Can you be more precise?
(operating system, which package did you download and what did you do to install it?)

wardyorgason: In which directory were you when typed the ./configure command?


wordyorganson: what directory were u in when trying to type in the ./configure command?

me and Gerco had the same thought :laughing:

I had this same problem on OS X, ETL gets install into a directory in trunk called test. I can’t figure out where the synfig-core installation process is looking for the etl files. Any ideas?
I was in the ETL directory when I typed the command :angry:

Well, the configure shell script in the ETL directory will obviously not search for ETL, but the configure scripts in synfig-core and synfig-studio will. These configure scripts use the pkg-config program to find the configuration information for ETL and synfig-core. To do this, the pkg-config program has to exist (duh!) and the configuration files (ETL.pc and synfig.pc) need to be found. One way to do this is by setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable (per the compilation docs on the wiki). So, if for example the installation directory for ETL is “/home/gerco/ETL/test” then “/home/gerco/ETL/test/lib/pkgconfig/” needs to be added to PKG_CONFIG_PATH. The same also applies also to location where synfig-core puts its installation files. You obviously need to do a “make install” as well.

I prefer to use the --prefix flag of configure and set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH and PATH variables, like this:

cd ETL/trunk export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/synfig/lib/pkgconfig export PATH=/opt/synfig/bin:$PATH autoreconf --install --force ./configure --prefix=/opt/synfig make install

and similar for synfig-core and synfig-studio.


Hey everyone, sorry for not replying because I screwed up my computer and completely forgot. I used to have Fedora, but now I have Ubuntu. I’m going to try again.

did you try:
sudo ldconfig