Error Importing too many PNG files into Synfig

This is the animation process I usually follow:

  1. I make all the models in Gimp
  2. Export each piece of the model as a PNG file
  3. Import all of these pieces into Synfig

However I’ve just run into this huge problem. when I hit about 23 imported images the following error pops up.

Is there some work around to this error? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Do you mind to share the image files to see if it is a computer problem or software problem?

Would you like me to post up the breakdown I did for all the models or the Synfig file?

These are the images I used on one of my characters.

Note that the black surroundings of the various limbs are actually transparent when i import them into synfig.

I’ve imported two times the images you’ve provided (30 images in total) without any problem. Maybe there is any huge image in your example?

Im running this on windows currently, i’m aware there’s been an update to the software which might be fixing the problem.

I’ll try to restart my pc and import the files again.

Found the problem, I did indeed use files too large to handle. I just trimmed the empty space and was able to continue importing