English teacher using Synfig to make educational videos.

Hi all. I am a Linux user who enjoys making educational music videos for my students (1st and 2nd grade students in China). I have explored various animation options in Linux for doing animation (Tupi, Pencil, Flash Pro via wine, etc). I have concluded that Synfig is probably the best option for me.

So far I have been very happy with some of the features in Synfig lacking in other animation software. I think once I get the hang of Synfig it will be very beneficial to me. I have not been able to successfully export a video yet but hopefully that will come soon (probably with the help from some of you kind souls).

I am grateful for the developers for making such quality software. Keep up the great work!

So thanks in the name of all the past and future developers! And let us know your works when using Synfig because it would make us more happy even! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to hear that there are teachers out there using (and hopefully teaching) Gnu+Linux. Kids need to be empowered, not turned into customers for corporations during their formative years. I’m looking forward to see what you are working on. Welcome to the community!

Thanks all. As soon as I finish my first Synfig video I will definitely make sure to share the link! Thanks for all your support.