Encapsulated Scaling + Transform Tool

I’m having trouble scaling encapsulated layers. I’ve prepared elements (already animated) in exported canvases / Encapsulated layers, but apparently I can’t scale the layer itself (yeah, all together) unless I select every element WITHIN the Encapsulation. The scale feature doesn’t work on the encapsulation as one element. What’s wrong?

And another thing. I LOVE the new Transform Tool especially in the windows version, however in the Ubuntu version I’m having problems. Not with the tools, but the keys. Holding the control allows me to rotate, yeah. But holding the Alt key says I can scale with it but instead the cursor grabs the whole damn window instead of the tangent and moves it around.

If you want to scale stuff with the Scale tool you need to select the involved individual layers. Other thing is to use the Zoom parameter of the Paste Canvas Layer. It allows to zoom in (>0) and zoom out (<0) the paste canvas composition. Notice that it uses exponential values. The Focus parameter allows you to focus the zoom in other place than the 0,0.

In Ubuntu, go to System>Preferences>Windows and change the “ALT” key by “Super (or Windows Logo)” for the key to move a window. This would allow to use the ALT key to Scale the ducks in Synfig Studio.