Encapsulate as Scalable/movable Parent layer

Okay, this may be quite a small feature but little things make a tool better.

Although it’s possible to scale and move everything in an encapsulated layer by selecting all of those layers, shouldn’t we still have an option to select the encapsulation as whole via one click?

Here’s the deal: If the Encapsulation is empty, show nothing. But as you put items in there you’re given a bounding box. On selecting the Encapsulation only and editing it all the layers under it will be edited as one entity. This’ll save time and spare people of the hassle of selecting stuff individually and works similar to Movie Clip / Graphic Symbol in Flash, except Encapsulation would still show the layers beneath as always.

How about it?

There is already!

There is a button/right click menu context that allows you select all the child layers of a paste canvas layer. Is that what you want?
It looks like a layer with a dashed outline around.

Ah, I didn’t know about that. Thanks!