El Chey - in the Circus

Hi good day, here is a short animation of: El Chey that I made using Syfing Studio youtube.com/watch?v=Bc6jeW51kYM

Looks great! Needed to watch it twice to get the details.

XD :3 Thanks, I’m glad that you like it. well yes for the moment is a little short cartoon, I hope do it a lees short in every video :3

I can not understand what the conversion is, but the characters and animation looks great :slight_smile:

^-^ Thanks Im glad that you like it.
this is just a little joke: the Boss Fired it because he is a clown (sorry my bad english)

Muy buen trabajo hermano, segue así e nos muestra mas de su arte =)

^-^ Gracias, me alegra que sea de tu agrado :3 cuando tenga mas lo posteare :3