Editing Gradients: how do I access second colour?

Question: How do we edit both colours in colour gradient dialogue box?

I’m following a video tutorial. The gradient tool was selected to add a gradient to the background.

In the Params tab of the Params, Children, Keyframes dialogue is the gradient. I click it and the gradient editor appears. I can edit one of the two colours, but I’m uncertain how to switch colours in order to edit the second.

Anything I’m missing?

Probably the missing thing is in the tutorials :slight_smile: The gradient editor dialog has a (sometimes invisible -yargh!) set of triangles on the rendered gradient strip on the bottom of the dialog. You can click one of the triangles to “highlight” it (yargh, it looks very bad on some gnome themes!) and then any change will apply to that CPoint.

… oh, it was all here: synfig.org/wiki/Gradient_Editor_Dialog
LOL I wrote that page ages ago! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Is it clarified?


Indeed! You’re right. I didn’t notice the tiny triangles.

Sometimes when we go from one interface to another, the difference can be a bit jarring.

Thanks! I’m able to edit the colours now.