easy start with Synfig Studio

a thought about “How can we make a start easier with Synfig Studio?”

Synfig Studio has been growing since years and the set of features, functions, parameters
and parameter values is overwhelming. That is both, good and bad.

Good for the experienced user, but making the start a hard one for the newbie and for school kids.

Have a look at the list of blend parameter values (wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Blend_Method_Parameter)
it is well explained as for the technical side, but not clear on when to use (many “Describe me”).
Just as an example: As for this parameter I’d like to limit the possible values to just the first 5…

The same for possible layer types…
(wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Category:Layers) …

I’d like to have this configurable in a file or configuration window somewhere. (Tools, Parameters, Parameter Values)
That would open the chance to set Synfig Studio up in a way that it is much easier to work with for beginners.
Talking about school kids, I could then develop specific feature sets for different learning levels of a class.

Just an idea…
what do you think?

Is your proposal to create two modes in the Synfig Studio interface (expert and beginner)?
It has been mentioned several times in the thread that discuss the GUI revamp. Basically it is just limit the number of options or parameters that are shown for the beginner user.
But it. Is not all. We need to improve the widgets used for the parameters (like the amount parameter) make accessible actions for common tasks (like change the color of a shape or connect two parameters) and reorganize the tool options to be next to the tool box and not in a separated dock.

Your ideas are great. Maybe you want to keep them recorder our new tracker:




I was really thinking about someting as easy to implement as possible…

Like a show/hide switch for all functions, parameters and possible parameter values.
I guess we have to add the defaults as well, at least for the parameters we hide…

and as I said in a kind of configuration file.

We could then deliver Synfig with 2 standard config files called “expert” and “beginner”.

But everyone could also develop customized versions following learning paths,
just giving the user the tools at hand that need to be used for understnding a tutorial etc.

But the main point is:
I do not like to change anything else, just hide things don’t needed.
If selecting colors is to be done by clicking onto a parameter field in a separated window,
well, that is how it works with Synfig today, just leave the way things work as it is.

We might change the way we select colors, but then: in general, no need to wait with
being able to hide functions, parameters or parameter values.

I can add this in the bug tracker as a feature request as soon as I think this wild idea has reached some kind of stability here… :slight_smile:

In a just few words: I like to be able to hide functionality, nothing more, nothing less.
Any chance we can get this?

Dumb idea? Good idea?
Please comment.