Easier way to change the origin of a group?

sometimes the origin of groups gets misaligned with the actual objects (doesn’t actually affect anything but having the origin off center is annoying), but the only way ive found to center it is by changing the location of the origin in the parameters panel, but it requires a lot of guess/checking and isnt that great

any better way to move the origin?

(also i have several more questions to ask; do i put them all in one thread or make separate threads for each one?)

you can simply right click on group => select all child layers => ctrl+a and move it with mouse

this works, but theres a skeleton and it gets messed up.
is there a way to get around this or should i just redo the skeleton?

did you try to move the origin of the Group Layer (green dot) with Ctrl key pressed ?

huh, i thought i tried to do this earlier but now it works perfectly. thanks for the help!

^ do you mind helping me with this too?

Generally in forum you open one thread per topic.
This way it would be easier for the next one having the same problem as you to find the solution by using the search function (or Google it), from it title.
But don’t worry, you can still ask, we will not eat you :mrgreen:

Hello. I try now move origin with ctrl, but object move together with origin. What i can do wrong?