Dynamic lighting

Hi I just got back into animating, have not done any since 1997 using a program called Animator Pro (autodesk i think?).
is there a way to create dynamic lighting and shadowing? for instance I would like to have a character move through a light source and have the character highlights and shadows change as he moves, I was able to achieve this result on the entire character but not on only specified parts. I attempted to create a light source with an onto blend method and thought I could use masking to make it dynamic, but I couldn’t get it to work. can someone help me with this?



You might want to check out “Prologue”. There’s a lot of characters moving in and out of shadows in that. You can download the source files to see how it was done.


thanks for the link Chris. You’ve just given me the perfect solution.

Actually that was the clip that gave me the idea, now why I didn’t think to download the source, idk

Thanks Chris