duplicate layer based on bline length

An idea occurred to me while playing with the duplicate layer while trying to link the duplicates origins to a b-line. what I’m wondering is. is there a way to make the duplicate layer add (or subtract) more copies based on the b-lines length increasing a certain amount. in other words if i have 3 duplicate circles attached to a simple two duck bline an choose to make the bline a little larger causing a fourth circle to be rendered. This would be very helpful in removing the tedious work of adding more layers manually based on the blines length. It would be even better if there was a way i could set the minimum distance to add another copy so if i don’t extend the bline far enough nothing gets added. Does anyone have an idea if this sort of conversion is possible or something close to it?

BLine length is not available for convert types yet. It is only available the BLine’s index what goes from 0 to 1 from start to end of the BLine (regardless the BLine length).
The BLine length is used on the Advanced Outlines to spread the dashes items along a dashes outline. You can recreate the effect you want by using one advanced outline and setting dash items like circles. See attached example.
bline-grow.sifz (1.26 KB)

hmm, is there a way to animate them moving across the bline or replace them with a custom object like a happy face?

Nevermind, I found a substitute, finally figured out the brush tutorial, and thanks again (:
dashed outline.sifz (3.11 KB)