drop shadows corrupt art

I put a shade layer on the root of the characters in this test scene. but the womans face becomes shadowed. any ideas what might be happening?

very nice effect … who could be a bug…

can you share your project file or write a how to reproduce … ?

here’s the scene -
sc2.zip (296 KB)

Switching on Cairo in edit/preferences/render renders the drop shadow correctly.

thanks darkspace- I am using 0.63.05 running portably from USB stick - i do have machines with latest version installed but they are not very fast- will probably just render on them. Thanks

Sorry to resurect this thread, but having checked on a linux machine rendering with cario, artifacts are still appearing on render. Darkspace, can you share render and your render settings?

Under Edit/Preferences/Render Use Cairo Render on WorkArea and when you render then use cairo_png as target. That should give you a render without the artifacts. Btw I am using Rc3 on windows 7.

have you tried any frame other than the first? the first looks ok, it when the head starts moving that the artifacts start

setting the blend method to his original value “Behind” for each “Shade Layer” in your composition solve the artefact problem

Dave, could you report a bug for the “Alpha Xxx” blends methods ?