Drawing a line progressively

I can’t seem to find a tutorial for this sort of problem. I’m looking to animate a line that begins as a transparent bline but then a colored line begins to appear from the begining to the end of the bline. As if it were drawn progressively. Does anyone know how to go about creating such an effect?

One of methods, I use advanced outline with its width point parameter. help it helps.
HANDDRAW_LINE_V0641.sifz (1.25 KB)

I’m having problems to do this thing but changing the width in different points. For example, how can I do this but with a letter instead of a single line?

Hello zazogarcia and welcome here,

Draw your letter has a spline. And then follow the Write On tuto. If you prefer using a Text Layer , you can mix the Write On method and Straight Blend Method.

If you are new to synfig, firstly i suggest you to do the synfig step by step tutorial to be a bit more in Synfig way of thinking.

Have fun!