Drag groups into other groups?

How do you drag groups of layers into other groups of layers, I was able to in previous versions but not this one for some reason?

just tried on 1.3.10 / Ubuntu 18.04 x64, it works perfectly as before.
Which OS do you use?

Hi, good day.
It is a little cheating because it tries to drag them into another group and does not leave or do wrong, in my case what I do is:

1) - Save the project first.

2) - Select the Group in the Layers panel.

3) - Cut or Copy the group in the Layers panel.

4) - paste it into the new group in the Layers panel.

Hope this can help you :blush:

Mac OS Version 10.12.6

That’s why I asked for your OS ^^
It is a know issue, still not solved obviously :confused:


P.S.: I seems drag’n’drop is a common issue on Mac, please try to investigate as I 'm not sure the devs have a mac for testing