Downloading to something other than C drive..?

Can you save synfig onto windows onto any other drives? My c drive is pretty much full and if i want to save anything i can only save to E drive. every time i try saving to e drive synfig wont open. I’m using windows XP. any help is HIGHLY appreciated!! ^^;

Unfortunately synfigstudio doesn’t support being installed anywhere other than the default location and code changes will be needed to fix it. You could try moving some other program to your other drive and installing synfig on C:\

What code changes did you have in mind? I just installed it to a networked drive - Y:\synfig , and it worked fine. (GTK still installed locally).


Although I’ll admit the uninstall seems to be broken.


Hmmm, I assumed --prefix=C:/PROGRA~1/Synfig in would mean it couldn’t find the icons/etc, but it appears that it works around that.

There is some hard-coding though - the .cfg file and it seems the layer plugins.