Does Synfig have support for Aciont script/event listeners?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if synfig provide support for action script like flash.

Little background why i 'm asking this:
We have developed application using Adobe Flash CS5. Project deals with array and it is for both desktop and online use. Most of the work is done in Flas CS 5 trial version and my trial period is finished.
I want to complete my project. Project most of the features are done.

My problem is: Cannot buy Flash cs5 software it’s expensive and don’t want to use software illegally.
So while i was searching for Flash CS5 Open Source alternatives, got to know about Synfig through internet.

I want to complete my project with Adobe flash CS 5 alternative, in this case Synfig. How do i do that ?

Please can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance.

God bless you,

Sorry, no, Synfig does not have actionscript features.
You could perhaps use java to get some interactivity etc.
Here is a very interesting test using Synfig and java;